Valentines Day Report

The top flowers were delivered last night when DS1 got home. The bottom flowers were left at my desk by SP the night before so that I walked into see them yesterday morning. I just love that vase!!! I am fixing him Valentines dinner tonight since he had to go home last night. I’m making a shrimp dish that I saw on Blue House Diaries. I made it two weeks ago or so and SP said he would love to have that dish every night! It was very yummy and quite easy. BHD is my favorite new place on the internets. It is run by two of my favorite people which might have something to do with why I like it 🙂 Which makes me think, on this Valentines Day themed post, about a couple of cool love stories.

The BHD couple is one. Sean and chicklet (lapolitichick on Dkos) met in our Cheers and Jeers chat room back in 2005. I got to meet them face to face in October of that year when the August moms had their gathering in San Fransisco. Oh my gosh they are such a delight and so incredibly sweet together. Chicklet eventually moved from LA up to the bay area to be with Sean and now this summer they are getting married. Yay! Chicklet is a lot like me with her passion for baseball (angels for her) and also a love of birdwatching. I tolerate Sean’s passion for the Raiders (ugh), but of course have had fun teasing him about them too – and he takes it very well. And like SP and I, chicklet is a few…wiser..than her beau. I just love that they are back in my life more again!

The other couple also met in the C&J cafe. We call them Shermdog now, but they were originally Doggie and Shermanesq. They are also getting married this summer! In Chicago at the YearlyKos ’07 gathering. Last year I met them in Vegas. They volunteered for the event and worked their tails off. Sherm is a fellow Capricorn and just a big huge walking heart. Doggie is a pervert of the first order (in a good way!) and loyal and funny and a huge Chicago sports fan. Their house had to be fun on Super Bowl Sunday since Sherm is an Indy fan and of course Doggie was for the Bears. I really cannot wait to see them married and am very happy that they are finally settled in together in the Chicago area.

It’s been so cool watching both these love stories unfold! All thanks to the wonderful world of the internet!

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  1. They’re getting married *AT* the Kos gathering????

    That’s unique. (when is that again – you’re welcome to stay at the Chez minivan if you want – but i’ve a hunch you’ll want to stay close to the Kos folks but you WILL make time for a chat with an old augmom)


  2. Rambling Mom:

    It is the first weekend in August. Yes, I am staying in the hotel itself and right now I will be pretty over scheduled! One guy is getting us tickets to the Cubs game, there will be the wedding, plus the actual conference sessions and parties. They are saying their vows in front of us since we are the reason they are together AND because we have the wonderful Pastordan who will officiate. It actual makes a lot of sense to us :->


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