Quickie results post

I almost thought I would have to wait until Tuesday. When no call had come at 3:20, I called Dr Lim’s office since I knew the results were supposed to be faxed over there. The gal who answers the phone tells me that the doctor and nurse are gone for the weekend and wont be back until Tuesday. ARRGH! So then I called the facility that did the biopsy. The nurse there confirmed that she had faxed the results over there about an hour before. When I informed here there was no one there until Tuesday she very kindly offered to try and get in touch with another doctor who saw the results. Thankfully that doctor called me at 4:00pm and gave me the results. No cancer thankfully – yay! However, the cells were still what they called a-typical so they may want to take more tissue later. I have to call Dr Lim on Tuesday and most likely will get a referral to another specialist for all this. Ok – all done with this for a few days! Off on a crazy weekend of baseball thanks to a tournament that DS2 is in.

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  1. Glad to hear the good news. I didn’t realize you have such good insurance. I’m sure they’ll send you to someone good for those further tests.


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