High School Me

Grandy has tagged her readers with a really fun theme which I am going to do despite the fact that my parents read this blog (hey, it was almost 30 years ago, we are past those things, right?!) Gulp. Seven random High School Me facts:

1. High School me lived at school. Yep, I’m a boarding school princess. Right in the heart of downtown La Jolla. We wore uniforms with black watch plaid skirts, white button down blouses and saddle shoes: willitsshoes

Do your feet hurt just looking at those? Well, they should! But I didn’t mind the uniforms since it made everyone equal during the school day. And given that I was going to school with some of the wealthiest kids in the entire county, this was a very good thing for me!!

2. High School me was Fish Out of Water. Socially I didn’t even TRY to keep up girls in my class. Are you kidding? Just the dorm scene alone freaked me right out! Someone who had not been allowed to watch any tv show that my peers watched, or barely listened to even semi-hip music? Those first few weeks I just soaked it all in. Which reminds me that Alto2 asked last week about music from teenage years. Two songs completely mean the fall of 1980 for me: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar and Back in Black by AC/DC. Those were the dominant songs blaring out of boom box speakers up and down the dormitory halls. Round about way of saying that my closest high school friends were between 1 and 3 classes younger than me.

3. High School me had the best times ever with the Performing Dance Group. It was sanctuary and salvation and release all rolled into one. Which is of course blasphemous to say since this was an Episcopalian school and we went to chapel every Wednesday and isn’t that where you are supposed to feel salvation and sanctuary? Oopsie! The chapel was where we peed our pants in fits of giggles of irreverance. But the dance studio? Pure fun!

4. High School me had the best time with her smoking friends. We would sneak into the prayer garden which is just at the base of the famous chapel tower and sit there singing Tom Petty’s Don’t Do Me Like That. Why?, I don’t know other than one of the gals loved him and it was good for rocking your saddle shoes side to side in unison. I’ve never put a cigarette to my lips, but my closest friends *always* have. So I always risked getting into trouble to either sneak off campus to the rec center for a smoke, or hide in the prayer garden. Yes, more blasphemy – there’s a theme there! Oh yeah, one of those smokin’ singing friends was my formerly dead one who just got married 🙂

5. High School me was not a goody two shoes though. Senior Year I joined my Undead friend and a few others in a ritual known as Alaskan Quack Day. Wednesday for reasons that escape me now. Somehow, a bottle of Cold Duck Champagne was obtained. Often this was by someone hanging out outside of a place called Dick’s Liquor (I kid you not) and asking an adult to go in and buy it. Sometimes it was by getting Undead friends brother to have bought it ahead of time so she could bring it to school. She lived off campus 🙂 Anyhow, we would sneak off campus – though I was not sneaking since Seniors had off campus privileges but as I said, my friends were all younger. Anyway…off we would sneak down to the beach and polish of the bottle. There were 4 of us so it’s not much more than a typical glass per person, but at that age when you really don’t drink a ton it was enough. And then we would start quacking. Because, you know, it was Cold DUCK and you had to QUACK and…yeah..I know..pathetic eh? And yes we would go right back up to campus to our classes and I have no freaking clue how I managed to keep straight A’s that year!!

6. High School me lived purely on Jack in the Box and Baskin Robbins. One of the huge drawbacks of living on campus was the food. It was…well..school cafeteria food 3 meals a day? Can you imagine? Even at a hoity toity private school there is still only so much they can do. And right there just 100 feet outside the back gate was JiB with BR across the street. My standard meal at JiB was two cheeseburgers plain, fries and a chocolate shake. At BR it was (and still is) Gold Medal Ribbon. In a cup. And no, there absolutely NO mystery as to why I gained about 10 pounds all in my butt the first year I was there which was before I started participating in the dance group to work OFF those calories!

7. High School me loved her room in her senior year. It was the biggest one in the dorm and the second half of the year it was all mine (which is heaven to an only child!). One classmate from China chose not to return after Christmas Break and my roommate at the time took the abandoned room since it was right next to her best friend. She and I had created the GQ wall which were cut out photos of hunky models and male celebrities. She left with me when she movd out. Hmmmm..perhaps a clue that she was really not all that interested in boys as it later turned out?

Thank you Grandy! This was very cool! I shall pass on the favor to all my readers – Tag you are IT and now you have something to write about if you are NaBlo-ing.

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  1. OK, I’m posted. BTW, at my school we could choose between saddle shoes, docksiders or penny loafers. The only ones who braved the saddle shoes were the cheerleaders, or people who wanted other people to think they were cheerleaders. Who ever got the idea saddle shoes were good for cheering, anyway?


  2. I’m lovin’ this meme. So much fun to get a sneak peak into the H.S. You.

    Quick! Let’s get over to our favorite squirrel on a special curb and tell her she MUST play along.

    Any wager she could work in the “crotch” word at least once? 😉


  3. Hey, TP Goddess! Maybe I’ll give this a whirl, too. I anticipate that I’ll be looking for something to feed the NaBloPoMo monster soon. My HS days were a far, far cry from yours. Thanks for letting us view a slice!


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