Countdown to Chicago

Leaving Aug 1 and returning Aug 6. I will get to immerse myself in lots of things I love: friends, politics, baseball, and art. Here are two items that I am specifically looking forward to seeing again:

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte-1884 by Georges Seurat
Two Sisters (On the Terrace) – 1881 by Auguste Renoir

I saw both of these when the August moms met in Chicago in October 2004. (The image I stole of the Renoir is actually from the Art Institute in Oct ’04 from someone else’s vacation 🙂 ) I was lucky enough to tour the collections with a very knowledgeable member, Alto2. She was moved to tears when we came upon the Renoir, and educated me on pointillism, the technique used by Seurat. I remember that I loved learning about the different artistic periods and techniques in my European History class in high school. Sadly, I never took the very popular Art History class at that time. Now I wish I would have! No matter, I can always learn now. That visit to the Art Institute rekindled my interest. I want to study some in June and July before my visit. Does anyone have any reading recommendations for me? I’m hoping to be able to go on my own and take one of the audio tours and wander at my own pace. I’m also going to buy a few things from their store and ship them home. Class up the joint a little, ya know? :->

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Chicago

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  1. Oh, I remember that wonderful day–when you were sure I was going to drive into a brick wall!!! And sitting in the Art Institute just admiring the works. *sigh*
    Have a wonderful time!


  2. *laugh* I remember the brick wall very well. 😉

    Well I also remember the Art Institute and that being one of the main reasons I want to go back to Chicago so badly.


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