Saturday Report

So here is the complete story on the Miracle League of San Diego It’s a wonderful organization. The field is just gorgeous. Underwritten by the San Diego Padres it is an official Little Padres ballpark. It has a sound system and wide open dugouts and stands and concessions and everything. There were more people in attendance for the games today than I have seen at our Little League games! We met ABY from GaslampBall who is a buddy for a Mets player. From my not very trained eye it seemed that there was an equal distribution of physically challenged and mentally challenged players. Ages ranged from 4 – 15 or so. Some of the little guys in their electric wheel chairs could literally fly around the bases and were amazingly skilled at maneuvering themselves. Everyone hits and scores, there are no outs called and the games all end up tied 🙂 When a team is out on the field on defense, their buddies and the on field coaches have extra balls that they roll and toss around so that they get the feel of playing. The crowds are vocal and loud. There is an announcer for every game with little notecards with players names, ages and hobbies. I have never seen so many smiling people! It just made you feel so good to hang out there. DS2 immediately warmed up to the idea of being a buddy when the fall season comes along. Then he saw someone he knew – a schoolmate who is in 6th grade. He went over to say hi and the other boy was reluctant to talk at first, but when DS2 told him that he was here to watch and to hopefully volunteer for the next round, the boy opened up and introduced him to his sister (she has Downs). He was a buddy for her. It was really sweet. DS2 then told me that the other boy probably never talked about this at school since other kids would tease him. I asked him if he would have been one of those kids. He said he didn’t really know, but that for sure now that he has seen how awesome it is that he never would! Good. I have this naive belief that if kids are exposed to differences first hand, that they will be less likely to make fun of them in the future.

I drove all the way to the recorders office with the Saturday hours only to find out that they don’t DO recordings!! Ah. Ok. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

Heh – I just realized that even though it was our first Saturday without a baseball game for DS2 in about 4 months, we still ended up going to one! What can I say? We are addicted. I even got him his own account at Gaslamp so that he can participate while we watch the Padres if he wants.

Powerhouse pool party tomorrow. And housecleaning. And I want to get started on those weeds. I hope the clouds burn off enough tomorrow for the party. It will be in the afternoon and probably far enough east for a chance at it anyway.

Oh – the doctor visit yesterday! DS2 is only 54 3/4 inches tall and weighs a little over 75 lbs. That is 2 inches and 4 pounds more than last year. Growing is NOT his thing! At Children’s Place today we saw a sizing guide and his height fell into the 9 year old range with his weight barely in the 10 year old range. At just 2 months shy of 11!! Oh well, at least he sees the humor in it. Because of his shape with the bulk of his size in his upper body, he wears at least the large sized top which is age appropriate, but only a size 8 in shorts because anything bigger falls off his teesy butt! He got a Hepatitis shot and now I have to schedule him for a tetnus and meningitis set at the end of the summer. Also got a referral to a pediatric dermatologist to check out all his moles. A baseline thing though Dr Wilson did say he wants to keep an eye on one in particular on the back of his neck. Lovely. I have now given him his own sunscreen tube to use every morning when he gets dressed. Luckily he tends to really listen and absorb things like this so I am fairly sure he will take it seriously. Even when he is at his dad’s.

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