So as I said in my previous post, this is the time of year when I try to catch up on doing things for me. Since I don’t have the 3-day walk to motivate me specifically this year to get out and walk, I needed some other inspiration. My training walks were all walks on my own. No training partner or team. I decided that I needed to find a walking group. And there they were. My favorite morning radio show had a member who almost interviewed me last year on Day 1 of the walk. But they went to commercial just as he had talked to me and I told him that unless he wanted to walk with me, he could hang back and talk to someone else, but I needed to keep moving. He hung back, and ended up talking and walking all the way up the Torrey Pines trail! Not trained, out of shape, in jeans and with a cell phone and regular shoes! Anyway, that inspired him to sign up for this year’s event AND to get himself in shape overall. So he had started a walking group that does various trails over the weekends and even weekdays. Sat at 9:00am is Torrey Pines. This being the first Saturday without DS2 or a game to go to, I decided to adopt this group! And it was great. There is nothing for me like being here:
We started at the bottom of the hill by the beach and walked up the road and then past the rangers station to the beach trail, down the trail to the overlook point above flat rock (the trails that were washed out in the big rains two winters ago and nearly completely rebuilt) and the up and out to the trail head that is actually the turnaround point of the walks I take during the workday! Back down the hill and I have no clue how far we walked, but it was more than I have done in months! I met and talked with a couple of women as we brought up the rear. Even though I normally walk pretty fast, since this was my first real distance walk in awhile, I didn’t want to push myself. Good thing because on the way down the hill, my right knee started to twinge right at the dreaded t-band. And it hurts now when I get up from sitting or go up and down the stairs. Sigh – even with the pre-walk stretching that I did, still things are tightened up. Oh well. I will make this Saturday walk part of my routine over the summer and bring DS2 with me to do it when he returns. Good for football prep 🙂
After the walk I barely had time to go home and change and then meet Jax for ‘brunch’ at T’s Cafe. After that walk a big ‘ol potato skillet was calling my name! I had the corned beef hash skillet with two eggs sunny side up and I mashed it all together and *almost* ate the whole thing. We yapped from 11:30-2:00. Probably could have yapped more, but I was yawning and the restaurant was clearing out from even the lunch crowd so we reluctantly said our goodbyes but also made a date for a day at the fair on the 1st. It was so nice to just be able to sit and relax and talk without any time constraints!
I was going to watch one of the three movies that I have tonight, but now I am really wiped out tired! I came home around 3:30 after some errands and was going to nap, but the phone kept ringing so I gave up and puttered in my yard, brushed the cats and then cleaned the downstairs floors and also threw out some crap in the garage. The goal is to have ONLY my car and the game table left on the garage floor when I am done purging. So I think I will continue to plow through my magazine pile tonight with the goal to be getting at my BOOK pile by the middle of next week. That will be quite a treat. A whole book! Fingers crossed. Fathers day tomorrow and as per usual I have waited until the last minute for a card and gift. Meaning I will get them in the morning. We have a 1:00 lunch reservation. I am pathetic! I know what I want to get him – a memoir written by Don Rickels. I hope they have one at the B&N up the street! You think I would learn eh? I can only laugh at the contradictions within me as some things are hyper planned and organized and some things are totally flying by the seat of pants. think that is what they call balance?!! Yeah, didn’t think so.

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  1. It’s a little late now (or maybe NOT if you read this your time) but you can go to and see if a book is in inventory and your chosen Border’s. You can even have it held for you.


  2. I love it when you post pictures of Torrey Pines. Next time I am your way, I want to see it on foot. Glad you had a nice walk.


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