My current seasons

First off, ever since this topic seeped into my brain yesterday afternoon, I’ve had this going through my head:

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

Argh!! Maybe if I pass it on to someone it will leave my head!

So as I was driving home yesterday watching the pelican soar above the sunlit beach, it occurred to me – my life has seasons. By ‘life’ I mean a year in my life as it is right now. Not weather pattern seasons, not holiday type seasons, but still there are blocks of time (weeks or months) when there is a certain feeling and theme to my days. Kinda of like the Christmas season which I do still count. It’s a feeling in the background of every day that colors that time frame. Now, I don’t know what color each one is, but lets think of it like that.

I’ll start with the Christmas season. This begins at T-day for me and runs through Super Bowl. Besides the joy of the holiday, the daily routines are less sports oriented and more party and family and shopping oriented. There are days off between Christmas and NYE to do nothing. There is my birthday and NYE which sparks reflection and renewal and the setting of resolutions. There are the football playoffs which take the edge off of often cold and rainy weekend days. Then the Super Bowl which we get into no matter who is playing. There is much group singing and dancing and eating and drinking.

Next is what I will call the Monday season. Or the February season. Or to quote Garfield and put them together: “February is the Monday of months” This season actually runs from Super Bowl Sunday through the beginning of baseball (both major leagues and little league). DS2 is playing in his Sunday baseball league and will have a couple of tournaments, but it just feels relaxed and low key. Weather is blah – cold, grey, sometimes rainy. The yard is rather dormant. Motivation in general is just low. Almost like we need this down town post-holidays and pre-baseball to recharge, but we are not entirely content with it.

Finally, sometime in late March, early April, baseball begins. The Padres start playing at Petco. DS2 starts double duty with his Sunday league and little league. I find myself out on a baseball field 4-5 days a week. It’s still chilly, but the sun does peak out here and there and the wind picks up and the garden starts to grow (weeds, let’s be real here) and flowers emerge. The crack of the bat, ball hitting glove, Padres radio announcers – those are the sounds of this season. It generally runs through the final tournament for the Sunday club on Memorial Day weekend. In between the baseball are large scale school projects which DS2 almost always tries to shirk resulting in long nights of schoolwork and then a couple of weeks of punishment. Funny how he has developed this pattern since around 2nd grade! I just know to expect it now 🙂

Then there is a short season. Maybe just a couple of weeks long depending on when DS2 leaves for his trip. This is the end of school season. I generally go on a field trip with him. We have the school play and the dancefest and picnic. There are end of year parties for the baseball teams. There is the trip to the fair. There is the countdown to Sweden. This is a very bittersweet time. Tears can flow. Sadness and melancholy can take over, but not horribly, and it is always tinged with hope and excitement for what is coming up.

Summer season started yesterday. DS2 got on a plane and the season will until he returns. Immediately things here at work picked up. Summer season is, in some ways, my personal time season. While it is a time for me personally to rest and recharge from supporting DS2 non-stop, it is still not slow, or grey, bu any means. It is sunny. There is music. Rather than the sounds of baseball on the radio constantly, I will put in a CD in my car or in the computer at home while I cook. The house will get cleaned this weekend – and pretty much stay clean. I’ll tidy up his room, strip the bed and turn the mattress and let it air. Clear out his school papers. Donate outgrown clothes. Clean out the garage. Clean out the garden. There are parties and more adult social events. There are still sports events such as tryouts for the Sunday league that I will participate in. Football rosters are published. Work becomes insane. I live for his phone calls, but focus more on DS1 and SP. I plan my vacations – Ykos and August moms – and finalize those arrangements. There is a feeling again of something missing of course, but also a feeling of energy and joy as the temps warm up and flowers bloom all over the yard. I’ll read more, sing more, workout more, cook just for SP and I and generally tend to my soul for awhile.

Football Season!! This begins pretty much as soon as DS2 steps off the plane. It starts to stir in the summer season, but now it hits full blast. Pop Warner takes over as the focus of our lives. The Chargers start playing. Yes, baseball is still there in the background and is part of the fun, but football dominates. The madness of 5 days a week 2.5 hours a day practices. The fun or reconnecting with the football families. Tuesday nights at Pat&Oscars kids eat free nights after practice. Baskin Robbins ice cream. Sat games on the high school field. Hearing “Touchdoooowwwwn. Falcons!” from Grumpy over the loudspeaker as our official announcer. My parents coming to every game and getting as hoarse as we do cheering. The anticipation of school starting. The start of school and all the events around that. This is one long season that runs from August through T-day. It transitions us into fall with the crisper air that is still plenty warm but somehow gets extra clear and gorgeous blue skies. MLB baseball wraps up with playoffs and the world series. The Sunday team is set and starts up again with some new faces added to the old ones and there is more reconnecting. I put more miles on my car in this time frame than at any other time. It is often a blur, but I try my best to focus on each day. It is, I think my most favorite of the seasons by just a little bit :->

So there they are. These will change of course as DS2 moves through school and up into different divisions of sports leagues. But this is my reality now. My seasons in the sun.

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  1. Nauturally for a non-Yankee fan, September would mean you wouldn’t focus on baseball anymore 😉

    I can’t wait for Ykos. I promise to give Michael a hug in your stead, for the 7/7/07 meetup.



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