Holes in my head

Well, my mouth still hurts, but for a different reason now! I must say, it went pretty well! I did take the valium that the previous dentist prescribed for me in the event of stressful procedures. I figured this sure fit that description! MusicMan took the day off and chauffeured for me. I love this dentist! Little Vietnamese spitfire of a woman I tell ya! We did not get started even with the numbing until 1:20, but I was walking out of there before 2:00. It cost me a whopping $50 out of pocket!! Well, sheesh, if I known it would be that cheap and easy these woulda been outta my mouth months ago!! Anyway, I saw them on the tray after and they were a lot bigger than I imagined! Yeouch! So now the numbing has worn off, the gauze is out and bleeding is pretty much stopped. I was able to take small spoonfuls of mashed potatoes just now with no issue. I shall just eat ibuprofen for residual pain and keep up with the non chewing foods for another day or so. I can already feel there is something missing though. It’s so weird!!! It’s been a very weird 24 hours for sure, but I think things are returning to some level of peace now. Oh and Sportsboy called right as I had to leave for my appointment. I barely had time to tell him that his friend’s lost their semi-final game last night 😦 Yup, more crying in baseball as a couple of them really took the loss hard. It finally means and end to baseball for them until September for those who play Powerhouse. It’s good. The families get about a 3 week break from all sports activities until football starts. OK, next I need to figure out how to post pictures in here. The cats did something too gosh darn cute today that I really must share.

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