Chicago bound

The shuttle will be here in about 90 mins. It’s been a manic 48 hours of course. Work is blowing up. Talk about a horrid time to be gone. The auditors arrive on the 20th. They want schedules done one week before and yesterday my staff member who is pregnant was told they would do a csec either today or tomorrow!! She was counting on another week to get her reports done. Really, she should have been done by yesterday, but other departments just did NOT listen to deadlines and were still posting into her accounts yesterday!! We were pissed, and now I am going to really be pissed when I get back because I have to cover all of hers as well as my own. HELP!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been working from home all day today just to keep afloat. However, all that really matters is that her baby will be here very soon. Poor girl was so damn ready. Baby is breech which is why they are doing a csec.

Meanwhile, I had to get last minute checks out for the baseball club. One of the managers came by today to get those. I’ve had to scramble to arrange transportation to the hotel tonight. I land too late to catch any of the regular hotel shuttles, and much too late to try public transport which would require walking between train to bus and then 3 blocks to the hotel. NOT! So, I reserved a limo which is $$ but I would rather be sure of a safe ride! Besides, the flights are free thanks to FF miles so I am still doing well for this trip.

Sportsboy is dropped off at a friends for the day. He’s with the coach’s family so they will take him to practice and then his dad will get him from there. I dropped off all the necessary gear to his dad this am. Musicman has received his house and cat instructions for the weekend and SP will provide back up on those.

I’ve packed. Then re-packed when I got news from someone already there that the hotel conference rooms are frigid!

Mostly though, I am so JAZZED about this whole event!! So many wonderful friends from DailyKos will be there. The event calendar is packed with things I want to attend and it all starts tomorrow morning full speed. The site and the event have survived the attacks by Faux News and Bill O’Reilly 😉 All the Democratic Presidential candidates will be there for a forum on Sat night and THEN breakout sessions individually. I signed up to see Hillary. I want to figure out how to reconcile my doubts about her with the real possibility that she will gain the nomination. Plus – it’s Hillary Clinton! Love her or hate her – a VERY famous/infamous politician, a former First Lady and just seeing her in a hallway a few months ago gave me chills.  Some other members of the group will attend the sessions with Edwards and Obama so those will be covered for me too. Anyway, lots of fun I know. Look for us on the news! All the major outlets will be there this year. Thanks to Bill O for that! Wait until they see that we are all just a bunch of normal people. Ooooh…scary….!!!

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  1. You’re not “normal.” From what I’ve read it seems the folks that hang out on DailyKos are thoughtful, intelligent, and willing to look into political issues and not just go with sound bites (or what O’Reilly says).

    That’s AIN’T “normal” honey.


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