“Judge me on the content of my character, not the underwear on my head.”


by Bill in Portland Maine

See? I told ya not all the DailyKos sig lines are political! I thought it was appropos to lead off with my dear friend Bill. Perfect nonsense for a Friday. And oh, is this a most welcomed Friday!! Even though I was not on SportsBoy duty this week, it was still very demanding. And I do have to pick him up tonight and have him now until the 24th since his dad is out of town this weekend. No, it was work that drained me this week. And of course the auditors who are STILL HERE suddenly realized they should ask some questions at around 2:00 this afternoon. Pure cruelty I tell ya! Brain is already well worn down to pulp – terminology has left the brainwaves and they come down to probe. Offdah! Technical Foul! Unnecessary Roughness! Waaah! No, I didn’t cry and somehow we all got through it after a mad scramble to pull some answers out of our asses. Then of course, we get an e-mail from them at 3:00: “see you Monday!” WHAT? You are not here for two days this week, you show up late, stir the pot for a couple of hours and then blow out of here early?? Hells Bells – why didn’t I get my CPA again?!

Ah, but the weekend us upon us. Dinner out tonight. The usual weekend of football and baseball games. Tomorrow Pop Warner is out in Murreitta at 10:00am – slightly cooler than Temecula at noon from two weeks ago, but probably warmer than being at home. Padres/Giants game tomorrow night meeting my friends from Gaslamp Ball.

My goal this weekend is to find and appreciate and revel in the silly side of life. So *Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster It’s Friday!!


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