Evacuation prep

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I am not sure if you can tell from the first photo, but I was trying to capture the wind gusts. The garage floor shows off the debris and ashes blown in as I loaded the car. The car is not completely loaded, but is 2/3 complete. I can leave in 10mins. Lots of outlets to drive away so I am staying as long as I can. The fire itself is still far enough away that I am not concerned. Right now they are actually showing parts of a neighborhood in Rancho Bernardo where Ex#2’s fiance lives. And his best friend lives across the street. They were there last night and had emergency crews pound on their door to get out. Sure enough, the streets they are showing right now are about 3 blocks away from there. Man oh man.

As Malibu mom pointed out though, they issue orders to areas much larger than is truly in danger in order to cover things completely which does make sense. But again, since I am in THE furthest corner and also have easy access out, I am not leaving unless totally necessary.

My company headquarters has been opened as a site for employees to use. Chef is there keeping the kitchen open minimally. The Chancellor is there with his wife and dog since he lives between me and the fire and was also evacuated. I would probably sill go to Ex#2’s house since he can take in the cats and of course, SportsBoy more easily. My parents appear to be out of danger, but I still not confirmed that yet with them. SP and all his family are in San Jose for his grandmothers funeral and thankfully their houses are all out of the way of the fires.

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  1. It’s hard to catch the wind. If you have someone with long hair or a billow dress and take a picture that might do it. But for now I’ll just say stay safe and keep in touch. As long as I get a message from you now and then I’ll know you’re okay (or you can send text messages to one of the moms and tell her to post to the list).

    STAY SAFE!!!!


  2. I’m watching the news and thinking of you. I hope the fires end soon or at that least the danger to you and Malibu Mom passes before you have to evacuate.


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