Fire update

Yep, I am still at home. Yes, we are still under mandatory evacuation.  Yes, we are still in the furthest corner of those orders. Ok, that is the bad news I suppose since we are being bad and ignoring the orders. However, the good news is that all I have to do is put the cats in carriers and throw this laptop in it’s case and we are out the garage in 5 mins. Everything else is packed – everything. My wagon is piled to the roof! I have easy easy access to the beach and my office without going on a packed highway. Music Man is with his friends in a hotel room downtown. One of the moms took care of that. He has all the stuff he needs as well as his car. The president of the baseball league I volunteer for lives on my block and he is staying put with his family too. He took a drive well east and north of us just now and literally saw *nothing*. Winds died down 3 hours ago and did not pick up during sunset as it did last night. In fact, my palm trees are totally still right now. Given that there is no open area near me with this city so built up now, it would need to burn through literally hundreds of structures. Residential, commercial, retail and at least 4 schools are between us and the what we think is the most south western part of the fire around Del Dio Highway. I really think it is totally fine to be here and I know I can leave in a flash. The cats are calm and fine. Sportsboy has moments of “should we leave?” “are we leaving?” and then I give him the facts and he is fine. Right now we are both awake and are watching Funniest Home Videos for a laugh as I monitor the internet. I think we might sleep downstairs just for fun and to be close to the car ;->

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