Back home – all is well

Midnight last night the police came around blaring their sirens and horns and ordering us to evacuate on their loudspeaker. So, even though I was 100% certain there was no danger in remaining, I finally relented and packed all living creatures and left. 10 mins from wake up to drive out. Sweet. Sportsboy was a huge help. We landed at my parents since their area had been declared safe and I figured the cats needed to be somewhere where they could explore the house. We spent the night sleeping fitfully, the cats prowled the house (Amber had HOWLED the entire way there) and finally settled under my parent’s bed after we all woke up. They neither ate nor drank, but did use the litter box. The news from this morning showed that while the fire has proceeded west, it veered more north and is still in the Rancho Santa Fe area and has never entered my zip code. My neighbor who left when I did texted me at 10:00am to say he was home and all was fine. Utilities all on. So we stayed through lunch and then I packed us back up and came home where all is, indeed fine. Throughout my drives (with the howling cat both ways) I never saw a single flame. The winds have shifted and there is even some on shore flow pushing the fire back. This is good for me, but bad for others including my parents who are now back on alert! Of course I told them to come here ;-> So that is that and I need a nap badly. Good night.

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  1. I had two cats that would YOWL whenever they were in the car. For a while I had a vet that lived a block from me — mind you she was a decent vet and all that and I knew people that went there but the main reason I went to her was because I could stick the cats in their carriers and WALK to the vet. No YOWLING!!!


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