From the “I Just Don’t Get It” file

How long have cell phones been around? I think I’ve had one since I was pregnant with SportsBoy so that was 12 years ago. Considering I am not the wealthiest, most cutting edge person, I think it is safe to say that MOST people have had one for, let’s say 5 years at least? So can someone PLEASE explain to me how people can go into a meeting at work and NOT turn the damn thing on vibrate or silent???? I think the most ironic thing today was that the two people who violated this rule was the one running the meeting and another presenter – both working in IT!!

But hey, let’s forgive the cell phone interrupters. After all, it does actually take a moment to think about turning off the darn ringers. However, the people who *talk on the side* during a meeting? Yeah, no forgiveness there! How old are you people? And if you just cannot keep your yapper shut out of respect for the meeting, then how about *whispering*? Oooh, there’s a new idea!

Carry on.

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  1. I was teaching a Sunday school class once last year. Later that day Spouse asked how it went.

    Well, only one person had to leave to take care of a child during class and only one person had their cell phone ring.

    YEP — guilty on both counts.


  2. I’m one of those who didn’t get a cell phone until recently. I resisted and held out for as long as I could. However, I did learn how to USE it properly, including how to turn it off or set it to vibrate so as not to disturb others.

    I think that’s the main reason I resisted having a cell phone — the rudeness of some people. When I worked in a pharmacy customers would come up to the counter chatting on their cell phones and have the nerve to ask me to wait while they finished their conversation. As if I had nothing else to do. I would tell them to wave me down when they finished as there were other people waiting.


  3. I agree completely. More places to turn it off: the theater, the movies, houses of worship. Oh, and while I’m at it? Turn off those GD watches that beep incessantly. I hate them.


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