SportsBoy sent his email to Santa last night. Here I was thinking that I had dodged a $ blow by negotiating out of the Wii. Hah! On the surface, his list sounded manageable. Some Gameboy Advance games (not DS, but Advance, which are older and cheaper).  “Some” translating to 9. Basically as entire series. 4 of them are out of production. Eeep! Not to worry, Amazon had them through alternate sellers. New ones beginning at $85 each!! Uh….hello Used. Ok, so I managed to find all 9 and it looks like they will all arrive on time after I upgraded shipping on a couple. Now, on to the one other item he requested. A board game. No sweat right? Board games run less than $30 or so. At least, the ones I’ve bought him over the years did. Hah! Anyone ever heard of Cash Flow? Yep, that’s right, over $200!! Holy crap. I did get lucky and find it on Ebay for $189 Buy It Now. Oh yeah – saved $10. SHEESH!!!!!!!! Ok, so I don’t think I have matched what I would have spent on a Wii bundle or a PS3 especially when you factor in an upgraded tv to use with those systems, but YOWZA! It’s going to be bread and water for a few months I tell ya. Maybe that game will help me with that. It better!!

Update on the Make It Right foundation. On the day I shared the link here, they had enough money to build 3 of the 150 houses planned.  10 days later they have enough for 27 houses! Woot!!! Keep spreading the word!

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