This is going to be fun!

I am *really* looking forward to my birthday this year. No, it is not a ‘Big’ number birthday (although, the number does keep getting bigger dammit!). Nothing that ends in a 0 or even a 5. In fact, I am looking forward to it for reasons that have nothing to do with my birthday. Jan 3, 2008 is the date for the Iowa presidential caucuses. The official Kick Off of the Presidential primaries. (And now, all my non-politically minded friends are forgiven if they do not click the Read More link :-))

This will be my first full Presidential election cycle as a newly minted political junkie. And I cannot WAIT! Now, if you’ve been reading long enough and paying attention, you know I am voting Democrat without question. However, I am following both parties primaries with great interest. And this Silly Season has been going on long enough. Stop it already! There seems to be a debate or a forum every other day. There is some new story or rumor or candidate attack or feature on places like every day. On my primary source for Democratic discussions – DailyKos – which according to the wisdom of Bill O’Reilly is the primary place for devil worshipers (huh?!! I think he has officially lost what was left of his sanity) – anyway, on DK, the candidate wars are peaking nicely. A peak at the recommended diary list on any given day within the last month reveals at least 4 of those top 8 spots taken up by candidate related diaries. One banner day last week, it was 7 of the 8 spots. The diaries focus mainly on the top three: Edwards, Clinton & Obama. As a firmly undecided voter, it *can* be educational to read the testimonies of these writers, but it is also so so tiring!! One more “Why I just decided to support _________” diary title, I will scream!! So I guess one of the main reasons for looking so forward to Jan 3 is to see an end to the madness! Ah, but I know it only be the beginning. Here is my stance – it caries according to who I most recently heard speak. I know, wishy washy. But really, from this Democrats perspective, the choices are prime. I will happily support either of the 3. Right now, I am reading Hillary Clinton’s book (finally, yeah) and I am so taken by her story. How did I not know she was the first student to give a graduation commencement address at Wellsley? I am just very impressed with her and really enjoying the book. I didn’t expect it to be such an interesting and easy read. Which is good, I think, since she takes a *lot* of heat on DK and many of the progressive blog sites and I don’t want to be exposed only to that since there is a good damn chance she could be the nominee. Back when the Daily Show was still on, Jon Stewart would call his segments on the race “Indecision ’08” He’s sure nailed that!! California votes on Feb 5 (thank you Rachel!) and I swear if there was a fair way to flip a coin between three choices, I would be doing that. Mostly though, I just think it is going to be a real hoot to spend my birthday watching primary returns and see just which direction both sides are heading toward. It will be Happy Birthday to me and Happy end of Silly Season to everyone else!

Gift Roulette Update: Cash Flow and 2 more gameboy games arrived today. Yay! Just 3 more games to go.

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  1. Illinois is also on Super Duper Tuesday, I plan to wait until after Iowa and New Hampshire are done and see who is still left standing before I do any deep research.


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