Primary Day #2

It’s New Hampshire Day! As odd as I though the Iowas caucus was, I really *like* the NH primary process. I know there are those who want a true National Primary – which we are kind of getting on Feb 5 – but then I see how things work in NH and I think that is not the best idea. How awesome is it that this tiny state become overrun by candidates and media every four years? With a National Primary this state would be lost in the shuffle. As is any smaller state really. I think it’s great that the candidates need to spend so much time in individual states talking to people often in very small groups. It’s a vetting process. You think being President is going to be hard (of course it is), then prove your mettle by surviving the primary race grind Mr/Ms candidate. I was over in the election thread on Mother Talkers and one of the members there just came back from voting. She and her 8 year old daughter made a point of seeing all the candidates in person. A few of them more than once. Me? I was thrilled to be sort of in the same room with all the candidates in Chicago (I was so far in the back that I might as well have been in another room watching it on video šŸ˜‰ I so wish it would be easy to see everyone at some sort of town hall meeting before I vote! But, we wont get that in CA. Too big and then buried in the Big Day. Plus, if the Dem candidates are going to show up in CA, it will be in the blue cities like SF and LA. At least I got to see them back in April thanks to the Ca Dem Convention being held here. Still, I am jealous of NH today!

A pre-emptive note before anyone gets ideas about setting me straight politically šŸ™‚ Please check Snopes first before forwarding any emails. Someone on Mother Talkers already got one about Obama. If you happen to receive this anti-Obama email, please reply to your sender with this link. Question and verify first people!! Never blindly accept as true and forward. I am sure Snopes will come in handy to debunk flaming emails about all the candidates on both sides. Be armed and ready!

I’m predicting (I know Kar, I said I don’t like to preditct, BUT…) Obama and McCain winning this round. Tighter margins than Iowa though because I think that the 40% of independents in NH will be splitting between those two. Though early returns indicate that again, the Dems are outnumbering the GOP rahter handily and that many precincts have had to ask for more Dem voter cards. Overall turnout is looking to be quite high – another victory for the process!

Update @ 6:52pm pst – WOW! The race between Clinton and Obama is so tight and Clinton is leading. I love it – now we have a RACE šŸ™‚

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  1. I’m not a fan of the national primary idea — I think politics has more than enough of “a mile wide and an inch deep” already. The “rotating regional primaries” concept makes more sense to me.


  2. You’re feeling left out of the primary system? How’d you like to be one of the 4 Democrats in this entire county, in a state whose Democratic party has screwed them out of any voice in the primary process? IT SUCKS. We’ve seen a couple of Republican candidates come sniffing for $$$$ here, but certainly no Dems. Of course, I shouldn’t complain. We have a dear friend who is close with the Clintons and who does advance work for Hillary.


  3. Yeah, I hear ya Alto2. Florida Democrats really got suckered. This whole fighting between the states to have earlier primaries has messed up folks on both sides.

    You make me feel better though. At least I am 1 of 10 Democrats in my county ;->>


  4. Alto2 – I have told you million times to stop exagerating. There have got to be at least 27 Democrats in our entire county! (. . . But I think most of them are moving to Georgia.)


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