My favorite comics and a rare treat

Inspired by Alto2 by way of Amuirin, another blog I will add to my handy dandy google reader, here are my three favorite comics. I limited it to three because searching for specific strips proved daunting and I ended up taking pictures of ones I happen to have cut out to save or else have in a book! Really though, these three are IT for me. First, the classic all-time oh-how-I-miss-it #1:


Ah, Calvin & Hobbes. This particular strip debuted in Dec 1992. It’s just my favorite ever and this year when SP and I had that lovely bonfire going on Christmas Eve I immediately thought of it and accused him of trying to flambe Santa šŸ™‚

Alas, Bill Watterson retired and very soon thereafter this comic rose to the top of my list – Baby Blues. It’s appearance also coincided with the arrival of SportsBoy which made it all the more reflective of where my life was. I could SO relate:

Baby Blues

The strip above first ran on May 24, 1996. I cut it out and it still sits in a place of honor on my refrigerator door. I just love panel #3 and that little peak of Zoe’s face as she ‘lets go’. Classic. I’ve enjoyed every day of Wanda & Darryl’s parenting adventures.

Not to be left out, as MusicMan hit the teen years, Zits began to appear in our local papers. My parents and I latched onto it instantly as Jeremy was so like MM that all we *could* do was laugh. To this day, this one also has a place of honor on my ‘fridge:


That one debuted 12/29/03 at a time when I was constantly complaining about how I would clean the kitchen, go upstairs to bed, and then find a mess like this the next morning. Drove me nuts!!

Now, a photo of something I was able to obtain at the Padres Award dinner last night:


That reads “Jake Peavy, 07 CY” meaning 2007 Cy Young Award winner. To the left of that he wrote “To SportsBoy, wish you all the best!” Check out the smudges on the bottom of the signature – that is a game used ball!! They had the baseballs in the centerpieces on the tables for guests to snag and use for signatures. I grabbed an opportunity before the presentations started and got to Jake with enough time to chat with him and have him personalize the ball. Woohoo!! It was an awesome night with lots of players and coaches there and I was so happy to have been invited. It was a Padres fan’s dream night.

4 thoughts on “My favorite comics and a rare treat

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  1. I already showed it to him. Had to take some baseball clothes over to him at his dad’s house yesterday am. Our task next week is to setup a proper trophy and display area in his room for this and other items he’s collected that are currently strewn about the house.


  2. so cool! one of my goals in life is to get BS a baseball signed by phillies dream mike schmidt. yep. i aim for those impossible ones šŸ˜‰

    you rock in the mom department. you always did, of course, but now, you rock even more.


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