Wave to the camera on the blimp!

When I look out my bedroom window today, I see the MetLife blimp not toofar off. It’s Buick Invitational weekend at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Tiger Woods is the 3 time defending champion and is already working on a commanding lead for #4. Now, I rarely watch golf. I mean, it’s not terribly exciting right? But, it’s beautiful. Especially from the ‘home’ course which is literally across the street from my office, next to my hiking spot and just 2 miles as the crow flies from my house. Hence my view of the blimp. Sure enough when I turned on the TV coverage just now, one of the first beauty shots from the blimp was aimed our way and I could see our cluster of rooftops. Wave pretty kitties! We are on candid camera! Seriously though, watch some of this tournament if you get a chance. It’s a stunning place to play golf and not only is it hosting the annual Buick tourney, but it will also host the U.S. Open this year in the early summer. You’ll see the stunning oceanside bluffs, chapparal and torrey pines, the dolphins playing in the ocean, and to the east, the lagoon and then my little neighborhood. Of course, there is rain on the way. A lot of it supposedly. But that is always a threat in January. The summer tournament should be safe. Biggest problem then will the threat of fog.

3 thoughts on “Wave to the camera on the blimp!

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  1. Please tell me it will be sunny in April. Please. Lie to me if you have to.

    I had a wonderful time in your neighborhood in November even with the foggy, cloudy, and then rainy weather, but it would be nice to experience some sun in southern California. Someday.

    We live near the airdocks for the Goodyear blimp. We see it a lot here (just saw it yesterday), especially when the new pilots are practicing their take offs and landings.


  2. Ok Robin, I will lie to you 🙂

    April should be ok. November was so ODD this year! Normally it is stunning. April CAN be the like you saw in November unfortunately. Spring is often foggy/cloudy on the coast. But inland it is warm and sunny. And hey, I know some great inland hiking spots too!


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