From Broken Hill to Flat Rock

Photos from our 1/29/08 hike which was supposed to be at the Rancho Penasquitos Trail, but that park was closed I assume due to high creek levels from the rain. We will attempt that site again Saturday. So we went to the place we know best, Torrey Pines Reserve. Parked at work and walked in from the southern end along the golf course to take the Broken Hill Trail connecting to the Beach Trail to Flat Rock and then back up. Perfect post-rain chilly day. Some mud and puddles on the trails, but overall just fabulous. Heard and saw more bird life than I normally do. This is going to be picture heavy so click through after this first one to see more. Here is Broken Hill:

A succulent grass growing on the red clay path:


Yellow flowers up close (can you tell I don’t know ANY plant names?!)


A really pretty succulent that is popping out everywhere. The rains have really made this place start growing and I know the flower season will be a big one!


Could it have been a more gorgeous day? Look at the contrast between the cliffs and the blue sky. Images like this are why this is my favorite place:


SB posed in his ‘cave’ – I have a picture of him in the same spot back when he was 8 or so:


And our final destination – Flat Rock:

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