Page 123

From Faboo Mama. I think I saw this on the August mom sites last year too, but that was before I got back into reading regularly so I couldn’t participate!

The Rules

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)

Find page 123

Find the first five sentences

Post the next three sentences

My selection

Iā€™m reading Truth and Consequences by Keith Olbermann. *Be forewarned my conservative minded readers! Just one week earlier and it would have been some random spy novel, but I read a bunch of those in a row and was ready for a non-fiction read.*

“Which party rode roughshod over American’s rights while braying that it was actually protecting them, Mr Giuliani? Which party took this country into the most utterly backwards, utterly counterproductive, utterly ruinous war in our history, Mr Giuliani? Which party has been in office as more Americans were killed in the pointless fields of Iraw than were killed in the consuming nightmare of 9/1, Mr Giuliani?”

Oh-kay. I didn’t write it, I’m just reading it. Email Keith, not me! I am enjoying the book though ;->

2 thoughts on “Page 123

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  1. LOL! Like I wrote, pure luck of timing! A week ago I was reading some mindless spy novel. I’m on this obsessive quest to finish reading all these paperback’s my girlfriend gave me 5 long years ago. I’m not going to start anything new until I get these old ones off my list! But, after reading 6 in a row I really needed a break from that genre and Keith’s book had just arrived so…. šŸ™‚

    You could join Goodreads and get into my circle of book reading friends. I’m using them as a resource when I am done with the current pile.


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