Best political post I’ve seen

Just go read Aimee Greeblemonkey. She’s the best and has written such a perfectly concise argument for her choice for President. She also has this video at the bottom, which I have seen elsewhere on the innertubes this week. It’s awesome. Also a tad irritating because the guy asking the questions is your classic example of someone with an agenda. He starts out with this superior tone of voice just *assuming* his subject wont know one damn thing about politics, then when he founds out otherwise, he asks leading questions using words like “socialization” indicating just how he leans politically so clearly NOT an independent news person, but then…this guy calmly answers every question so intelligently and never falls for any of the guy’s barbs..and ends up getting the guy to show him respect and even agree with him! Damn I wish all voters were as well informed and intelligent as this guy:

4 thoughts on “Best political post I’ve seen

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  1. I’d rather all voters be as informed and intelligent as this guy — even if they were all to vote against my choice.


  2. Great video. I think at the beginning the reporter was acting on some stereotypical beliefs about his interview subject. I’m glad he was able to move past that by the end. As far as the speaker, he really captured my thoughts on Obama as well.


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