Move 2008 – week 6 check in


See those hand weights? I have a 4lb pair. My goal is to use them 3 times a week. Or use my pedaler with my arms. I have not yet met that goal!! Argh.

This week was a tough of course as I spent my days at work and my nights at the hospital or else at the all night board meeting. Thankfully I had indeed done a very good exercise routine on Super Bowl Sunday which gave me a head start to the week. I was home Thursday night and pedaled furiously and then I was able to take my walk yesterday. I am below my goals for the week, but not much. I had 135 mins of aerobics which averages to 25 mins over 5 days. My goal is 30 so just 5 mins short. Again, not too bad considering the time restrictions.  I used the hand weights once and hula hooped once so I am again shortchanging myself on the full body workouts. But, at least I did keep moving in general!

Ok, Movers – let us know how you did!

3 thoughts on “Move 2008 – week 6 check in

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  1. Looks like last week wasn’t a stellar week for any of us.

    I figure that’s ok because life is like that. Good weeks, bad weeks, excellent weeks. It all balances out eventually as long as we keep moving. 🙂


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