Life’s annoyances

Why is it that most water heaters can only handle one person showering at a time? I have 3 showers in the house, but what’s the point? Now, I know this excludes those of you with a skosh more money who were able to build custom homes and perhaps pick out some wonderful heavy duty heater. However, considering that every place I have lived in my adult life has had this problem, I am going to go out on a limb and state that the vast majority of us have experienced this. Again, then what is the point of multiple bathrooms (other than increasing the total that must be cleaned?) Here I sit typing this while waiting for SportsBoy to finish his shower because we happened to wake up at the same time. *sigh*

Why is it also that on the rare occasion that SweetPrince and I have a concert to go to (Styx), there is an out of town tournament and it’s my weekend? Why is it that even though I have known about this conflict for two weeks, I have still had a very hard time arranging alternative transportation and accommodations for SB? On a team full of families that normally pitch in for each other all the time, it’s been like pulling teeth! Apparently I picked the one weekend when many others needed carpooling help too and vehicles are full.  *sigh*

Why is it that as soon as you wash your car or turn your sprinklers back on, it rains? My car had not been washed for a looong time. Which is odd because SP usually washes it on his own once or twice a month. Just something he likes to do. Or I would take advantage of some deal where you get .10 off per gallon of gas with a car wash. Or it would get done when I took it for an oil change as part of the deal. But SP has been busy, I’ve been on the run too much to sit for a car wash after a fill up, and SP’s brother did the last service on the car. So I seriously think its been *months*. Then, it has rained a bit more than usual this winter. However, it had been dry and warm since the Super Bowl. The forecast was for nothing more than fog and then more dry and warm. And I needed another oil change so I took it to the place Music Man used to work and had it washed after. NICE. I also turned my automatic sprinkler system back on which had been off to save water. What happened Thursday? A freak, totally unpredicted winter storm hit. *sigh*

Oh good, SB is done. I can go shower now and stop bitching. Happy Saturday.

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  1. Our hot water heater has a thermostat on it, does yours? You can boost it up higher if you do, that will help. But is also will cost more. ugh


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