I need to take a camera tomorrow to record a gorgeous sight. Recently charred hillsides saturated by rain that are now covered in a lush green carpet of new grass dotted with patches of yellow mustard flowers (told ya February was the yellow flower month here!) I leave that description here because there is a better than 50% chance that I will forget to take a picture!! Hey, I know my limitations 🙂

Oh, and the other yellow puff balls are on varieties of acacia trees/bushes that grow here. Very common in street side landscaping.

The team secured a berth in the semi-finals with a victory today. Played *really* well. For those perhaps confused, this is his travel ball team, not little league. His Sunday team. We try to play full weekend tournaments once a month until LL starts up so this is most likely our last tournament unless we have enough families hanging around for spring break to try and squeeze on in then. Otherwise this is the last one until Memorial Day weekend.

I slept super well last night, but still only for about 6 hours and after those 3 hours on my feet of course. Consequently it was all I could do to stay awake while driving home after the game and then lunch out with the team. Even with a team mate in the backseat yapping away with SB, I still had to really focus on keeping those eyes open! I napped when we got home, but still feel terribly sluggish and unmotivated.  Guess it is post concert hang over even though I only drank water. Must be that age thing. Pffffffffffffft!

Speaking of random, I looked at the searches that resulted in hits on this site yesterday. Turns out someone else noticed those blue tongues on the American Idol contestants! They actually searched on that string of words 🙂

It seems I am not the only one feeling that February is the Monday of months. I’ve noticed some February blues on the blogs. Hang in there friends! It’s more than half over even with the leap day.

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  1. Oh charred hillsides in the winter. I was thinking of heading over to Griffith Park to shoot where it burned last year. I know the flora must be big cause I can see it from pretty far, with piece of charred hill in between. It always astounds me to watch life come back from something that was ablaze just a few months ago.


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