Random Monday

For my friends who are Sex and the City Fans but who may also not have seen this yet. Made me squeal in anticipation!

**NEVERMIND!** The YouTube video has been taken down thanks to a copyright infringement complaint by New Line Cinemas. I guess I was lucky to see it while it was still alive :-> Movie comes out May 30th.

The no talking tactic was a success! My voice is back just in time for work. Now the cold is moving to my nose. So instead of being froggy, now I will be this guy:


Charming eh?

A few worpress bloggers have been noting the new summary features on stats. Being the geek that I am, I always love those things but had somehow missed that I could summarize on the searches that brought people here. Now the bummer is that while the blog is over 2 years old, it has only been on wordpress since the late summer so the stats are not truly historic. Still, it is interesting to see that the #1 search *besides* some variation on trees flowers and birds is Obama’s Grandma. Given that my post on that was within the last 30 days, that is pretty impressive! Next behind that is “common yellowthroat” – I guess a lot of birders like that particular bird!

Countdown to Padres baseball: Spring training games start THIS WEEKEND!! Weee!! Of course, those are just on radio and I am not sure how much I can listen, BUT, the first telecast on channel 4 will be NEXT weekend! Can you tell that I am ready??

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  1. Oh, and a big neener, neener for Spring Training games. We have tix to see games just about every weekend this month: Orioles in Fort Lauderdale, Indians in Winter Haven, Tigers in Lakeland, somebody else in Kissimmee, etc. Woohoo!


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