Backyard birding

The cats and I have been entertained this AM. Amber is still up on her new bird viewing post:


From there she gets a ‘birds eye’ view of some house finches checking out the front porch overhang for a nesting spot:


Then we were entertained in the back yard by the song stylings ofthe Bewick’s Wren:


Then we saw a gorgeous Townsend’s Warbler up in the trees and it flitted down low enough to clearly see all these markings.


No, I did not take any of these pictures! I don’t have enough patience or the camera to pull this off, but trust me, the birds we saw looked just like these!

Someday there will be someone else awake in the house when these birding opportunities arise and then they will be able to take a picture of me and the cats standing at the back window staring up at the trees together 🙂

3 thoughts on “Backyard birding

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  1. Ooh, that Townsend’s Warbler is gorgeous. Gav and I love birdwatching.

    E, on the other hand, just called me a super geek for running back in the house to grab the binoculars to get a better look at this huge hawk who’s been hanging out in my neighborhood lately. (ohmygod, that was a long sentence to prck out) (and, the dang hawk was gone when i got back outside…i see him every morning perched high in the trees a few houses behind mine…this afternoon he was actually circling overhead…)


  2. Hello! you posted on my blog: SSleeping.blogspot. Hey, my wife is a big bird watcher. The DC/Chesapeake area has lots of migrant birds and her garden is like a magnet.


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