Music soothes the soul

(Ugh! I just wrote this whole post and WordPress fricking lost it!! Now you get an abbreviated version because I am too tired to do this again)

Tonight I was able to escape the week this has been and listen to some beautiful music. If you read Miss Music Nerd, then you know she composed a piece for the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.This week’s concerts featured the theremin – a very unusual instrument that is played by *not* touching it! It was very fascinating to watch Scott Paulson play this. All I could see was his hands moving through the air. It seemed more as if he was gesturing in time with the music than contributing to it! The theremin has historically been used in horror movies or tv shows in the 40s and 50s. There were parts of the composition which certainly resembled those haunting sounds, but MMN also threw in stanzas which were quite joyous and playful. It was a really fun piece that I loved. I got there early enough to visit for a bit with MMN and her arm candy (McDoc). Truly lovely people – you know, those crazy internet friends that I have!!!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the review!! I’ll be sure to tell McDoc that he’s good arm candy! 😉 (though I tell him all the time how cute he is!)

    It was really nice to see you — thanks for making the trek!


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