Move 2008 – Week 13 update

Ack! Almost forgot. No cute picture! No extended write up! Just the down and dirty:

3 aerobic workouts of 30 mins each (2 short of my goal, but oh well) and 3 arm workouts and 3 hula hoop sessions (goals met!) Arms feeling stronger. Did more reps of some this week than last. Energy levels are steady. Feeling good!

Now, busy yourselves with the Songs of your life assignment/meme. I’m heading out to my favorite spot tomorrow. Many pictures will be uploaded, I promise. It’s Padres Opening Night! Petco Park, here we come!!!

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  1. Hello, I thought I would introduce myself as I have just fallen upon your blog and have been very interested going through it. I am a mom of two boys 6 & 2. Live about 25m north of London, UK. I am bringing the boys up full-time at the moment but am keen to start some kind of work in the future, to broaden my horizons if nothing else. As much as I love my boys and love being home with them, I do tend to feel like I am in a goldfish bowl most of the time, going around and around. I loved looking at your photos – it looks so beautiful where you are! Well I am somewhat of a blog virgin, but I hope to be visiting again soon, and just maybe get mine up and running. Bye


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