Random Wednesday

So this was supposed to be Spring Break week for both SportsBoy and I. Then the work stuff came down and there is just no way I can abandon my post for that long until we have someone hired. Fingers crossed people – interview with a very promising candidate tomorrow!

Since I was going to stay home I never did arrange for SB to be anywhere so on the fly last weekend we started arranging play dates and so far, so good. Several of his friends actually didn’t go anywhere! So he is having fun and tonight his buddy is here with us for an overnight. At least this makes it feel like a real break for him rather than having to be at the Boys & Girls club or a camp somewhere so I think this works out better. Well, as long as the play dates don’t run dry..then he’d have to come to work with me 🙂

The cats went to the vet yesterday. Amber is almost 15 pounds! Chip is a little over 12. Both cats are healthy – not overweight. Of course, Amber’s fur weighs 2 pounds alone, right? Right? They both were groomed too and came home quite mad about the whole thing. And *really* tired. Instead of sleeping for several hours at home they were tortured! With shots! Exams! Water! Soap! Nail clippers! Brushes! Flea treatment! Terrible things I tell you. Considering that Amber is purring in my lap now, I think I have been forgiven.

We’ve been getting emails about the upcoming 25 year high school reunion. I’m excited because Jax and I had a blast at the 20 year and a lot of the same people are coming again. I played around on Facebook last night and found some other graduates which was a real hoot. This internet thing is pretty damn awesome.

I love that it is baseball season again! Gives me something to watch every night no matter what.

Clearly my brain is dead though as I can think of *nothing* of any substance to say at all. I think the pile of papers which grew again today on my desk is sucking the creative juices away. I leave you with a photo of a peregrine falcon since Robin and I were so thrilled to see one zip back and forth past us on Monday but of course had no chance to actually snap a picture for ourselves. That face is unmistakable!

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  1. I think you’re getting through to me — I recognized that was a peregrine falcon (even if I can’t spell it).


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