American Idol Top 8

Inspirational Songs Week

Michael Johns — “Dream On” by Aerosmith – Now, why didn’t I figure out that if this man can do Queen, that Aerosmith is another logical choice for him? I don’t know, but nice nice nice. Not as nice as last week, but I liked it. He looks hawt as always. Interesting that Randy didn’t like it and I didn’t get what he was saying, but as always, Simon phrased it better – it was good, but he did not put his own spin on it as he has with other performances. Still, man…he’s hawt!

Syesha Mercado — “I Believe” by Fantasia – I’m bored. She’s a nice singer, but she is no American Idol. That last high note was pretty cool though. Randy is so right – Syesha does not connect. And..what is Paula watching???

Jason Castro — “Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland – Ukele out and Jason is very wisely doing the soft version of this song. Oh, who was that singer from Hawaii who did a version like this that was so good? Perfect for Jason. I honestly cannot get away from his John Travolta face sometimes though!! Very nicely done. Purely Jason. Maybe he will crack the Top 5 after all!

Kristy Lee Cook — “Anyway” by Martina McBride – Do I have to waste time writing about her? She picked a country singer/song proving yet again that she makes up for lack of talent with some smarts. She’s still a boring robot up there. The sad part is that I can tell she is *trying* to emote. But it comes out as forced. Her saving grace is that she *can* sing pretty well, especially when she gets to those big finishes. But, I still don’t know what differentiates her form Syesha. Good singers, just not stars. I do like her sparkly top (that was my attempt to say *something* nice about her!)
David Cook – “Innocent” by Our Lady Peace – The background singers are too loud – they are drowning out David. My other issue is that I don’t know the song. Ugh, I probably just showed my age huh? However, purely David Cook which means it was still quite hawt. The problem is that we compare him to his previous performances and, this week, it was not AS fabulous as previous weeks.
Carly Smithson — “The Show Must Go On” by Queen – Well, one of my personal favorite songs ever and she refers to Live Aid which I was watching while in labor with MusicMan so she scores major points with me for that 🙂 For those who criticize her look, this week will not dispel those critiques unfortunately. Vocally though that was really really good to me. Hah – and Simon compliments her on how she looks! They are correct though that she did not connect well with the song and seemed to be singing it angry.

David Archuleta — “Angels” by Robbie Williams – Have we seen David play the piano before? This kid is so talented. He sings so effortlessly and hits the most amazing notes every single week. That ended so so well. He is pure, raw ball of talent.
Brooke White — “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carol King – Perfect song choice. This gal sounds like Carol King just naturally. The dress??? I don’t know about the hot pink flower thing, but vocally that was totally great for her. Randy is in a bad mood for some reason!! I think he has dissed everyone except David A. Was it original? Well, they may not have thought so, but the thing is, Brooke sounds like Carol so I think it was!

Who goes? One of the girls – I just hope it isn’t Carly because I still want to hear more from her. Syesha or Kristi Lee (PLEASE!!)

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  1. I was busy watching to see if Paula’s boobs popped out of that dress…..they were pressed so tight, I think it was cutting off circulation to her brain (not that she had much to begin with). I’ll do my review on my blog….just so I have something to post for tomorrow .


  2. Carly’s song was no winner last night. Neither was Kristi Lee’s. I liked Brooke’s song but didn’t love it. The one singer I like to dislike, Jason, gave my favorite performance last night.

    Syesha? Buh-bye, honey child. I am tired of your screeching.


  3. The whole night was pretty boring for me. Although I got a kick out of watching Paula’s critiques…her dress was soooo low, it appeared she was naked when they went in for a head shot.

    I agree, though…Syesha or Kriste Lee.


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