Move 2008 – week 15 update

Having a lovely, lazy Sunday here. Windows opened, nothing on the schedule but laundry and gardening chores. I’m finishing up the book I bought about the Freedom Writers. Can I make it through the day without leaving the house? I think I can!!

There is a pattern developing in my moving…I’ve switched to loving the strength workouts and having to really convince myself to walk or pedal. I did 4 arm weight routines and used the hula hoop twice. I pedaled only twice for 30 mins each and I had the hiking day Monday but that was only a couple of miles. With the arms though I am really pushing myself and getting my heart rate up more than usual with that. SweetPrince gave me a watch/heart rate monitor which I intend to put to use this week to see just how effective each type of exercise is. I know that I have a mental block with walking after the way my hip was hurting me from the 5 mile walk I did in March. I had no issues after hiking Monday though so I need to get past that 🙂 Easy to make excuses NOT to move isn’t it? On that note, back to my book.

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