This Week In Baseball

Ok, not this week really since I have done NO baseball updates at all this season. But, today was such a fun baseball day that I have to. First the LL team played, and lost, a 1-0 game. But, it was good because it was so well played that as a fan you had to enjoy it. A player who has not pitched in two years was forced into action due to injuries and he did so well! Plus, Sportsboy had one of his best days on defense playing 2nd base for all 6 innings and not letting anything get past him. He even threw out a runner at home. And broke up a double play by taking out a kid a lot bigger than him. Well, most kids are bigger than him, but still…football skills definitely showed up there!

Tonight we were treated to an outing at the Padres game by the LL manager in one of the Western Metal suites. All you can eat food and beverages and great seats out in left field. The kids who got there early were treated to some batting practice balls. All of us were treated to a fantastic and rare Padres victory. The team has been rather horrid so far this year making me not feel so bad about missing so many games with all the other things we do! This was only SB’s 2nd game and my 4th. We saw a little slice of history as Greg Maddux won his 350th career game and Trevor Hoffman saved his 530th. Two sure first ballot Half of Fame pitchers. It was a lot of fun. I really miss going to games like we could when we had the season tickets. It’s just such a fun outing to go to the games. Anyhow, a very good baseball day overall.

On a side note – congratulations to shermeister who recorded blog hit #19000 today!! Woohoo and thank you so much to my loyal readers. It’s always nice to know someone out there is reading this stuff 🙂

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  1. I love going to Padres games. I used to spend sooo much time at baseball games. My oldest boy played virtually year round, right up until his freshman year of college. College ball was too time consuming and he dropped it in favor of his grades. But he still plays amateur men’s baseball on weekends (he’s been out of UCSD almost 2 years now). My daughter played softball the same way. My little one wants no part of it. 3 years of little league and one coerced baseball camp last summer was all we could get him to do. I miss going to games, but I don’t miss how it was our whole lives for many years.


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