Yes We Can (revisited)

Just at the moment that we needed to leave the house for night #2 of the play, MSNBC put up this graphic:

I stopped just long enough to let that soak in. Then I flew out the door for yet another Tuesday night missing the political dramatics and speeches, but knowing I could always find the replays tonight on the computer. I was not disappointed. And I could not let this day pass un-marked on my site. Not after forcing everyone to read my political brain dumps and tell you all how excited I was on the eve of that very first primary. Not after all those joint American Idol/Primary result posts. I celebrated David Cook as the new American Idol – the one who I was rooting for about half way through. So, I must celebrate the winner (finally!) of this nomination. Barack Obama, the one I chose about 2 weeks before my own Feb 5 primary. To celebrate, I again post what I view as Obama’s version of the winning song:

2 thoughts on “Yes We Can (revisited)

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  1. Very powerful video. It reminds me of the very first time I saw Obama speak. He delivered the keynote address at the last Democratic convention. Obama was electrifying, magnifying, riveting. I turned to DH and said, “There is the future of the Democratic Party.” For once, I was right.

    Yes, we can!


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