Move 2008 and misc update – week 23

For the first time all year, I did not exercise at all this week. Nada. Zilch. The big zero. Not that I had any time. Sleep was kinda critical. Looking on the positive side, one week out of 23 is not bad.

So, there are only 4 more days of school. We are starting into the 2nd full week of June…and Sportsboy still does not have tickets for his annual summer vacation in Sweden. His dad’s latest statement is that the soonest it will be is two weeks from now IF it happens. One hopes. His dad is not the biggest planner historically, but this is the latest it has ever been with no plans for the trip!! Quite frankly I am used to relaxing my brain a little at this point of the year. Go into summer mode myself when I dont have to think about daycare or camps or what is up with SB for a few weeks. Something which is needed very much this year after the mania that was a the last two weeks and what is coming up next week. We still have another LL game to play tomorrow night. There is the school summer picnic and dance fest Tuesday plus a pop warner board meeting. Then graduation on Thursday. Oh, and factor into all that the U.S. Open golf tournament being played at Torrey Pines beginning tomorrow. It is THE biggest tournament of the year. More media and misc riff raff than the Buick generates by almost 4 times. Traffic around my little neck of the woods, particularly the commute to and from work, will be horrid. There is even a traffic sign up warning of “extreme delays” and suggesting that we “minimize trips”. Hah. Yeah, as if it is my choice with all these events!

Played the video game Rock Band for the first time last night. Now I understand why people have been raving about that!! It was so much fun. You think you know the lyrics to My Sharona? Yeah, try singing that one with the game while reading the *real* lyrics and being scored based on the accuracy of your words AND pitch!! Dang. IF I manage to find a way to upgrade the gaming system here, that game is a must.

Worked my last drop off line 😦  Remember the little kindergarten girl who was just so cute and scared to go to class all the time? Well she now wears glasses and hops right out of her car and heads off confidently to class. Makes me wonder if the poor eyesight made it take her longer to get secure. Either way, I am going to miss that adorable face!

I also took note that when the year began there was one family using a golf cart to drop off their kids. And that family also has a huge van and truck which they used equally. There were three Hummers and one Prius and a boat load of SUV’s. Over the last 6 weeks, the family with the golf cart is ONLY using the cart. There are now two more with golf carts. NO Hummers have been seen in awhile. There are still SUV’s but several are newer GM hybrids and I lost count of the number of Prius, Civic, and Camry hybrids. Oh, and one truly fun looking Mini Cooper convertible.

OK, gotta MOVE…weights are calling…right after a nap.

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  1. Hi, TP! I went to the gym a few times this week; I’m getting ready for my dance recital this weekend—woo! Is it silly for a 37 year old to get excited about this? I’ve been a little lax about commenting here. my bad.

    I’ve been tracking my calories and workouts on The Daily Plate and am loving it. Let me know if you check it out.


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