Dream Dinner #4 + This Week in Politics

Summertime Pasta. Chicken, penne, capers, onions and a very light sauce that was chicken broth based with lemon zest and some other seasons that I just don’t remember! But, it was indeed a very light summery flovred pasta which I paired with some peas and carrots. I got 6 servings of this one so I’ll finally have some leftovers! You see, when there are only 3 servings that really counts as 2 since SweetPrince has a rather errr…hefty appetite! This one was super easy – throw it all in the baking dish and bake for 30 mins. Done. Zero effort tonight. I like that 🙂


TWIP: Links to two essays stood out for me this week. First, a diary by Kos on Clinton/Obama and their FISA votes which reflects pretty closely the way I have read this situation. Also for the record, I joined the group on BarackObama.com to protest his FISA vote – the group which rapidly became the largest on his site. I applaud him for supporting our right to disagree with him and for providing us a way to organize and do that.

Second, a diary by my new favorite author to plug, orangeclouds115. Not food related though! Just a tale of her encounter with a book store owner and her thought process as she debated issue with him. I normally disagree with calling people idiots – unless of course, they are. And in this case since the guys argument never got more nuanced than “Liberals want a national bedtime!”, well……if the shoe fits! Also, I know this guy is in no way reflective of everyone from the other side. But he’s a funny example of how people can latch onto a very shallow perception of things and never sway from it. Thank you corporate media.

2 thoughts on “Dream Dinner #4 + This Week in Politics

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  1. Summertime Pasta… THAT looks good! I had capers in a dish at a restaurant once, and loved them. Then I tried using them at home, and hated them. I think it may have been the vinegar… But oh, chicken, penne, light sauce, sounds just yummy!


  2. The pasta looks and sounds delicious. 🙂

    As a lifelong liberal, I can honestly say that a national bedtime has always been on the top of my list of government priorities. The heck with the poor, the war, education, the environment, and all that petty stuff. Nope, give me a candidate who supports a national bedtime.

    Sorry for the sarcasm. That sort of remark reminds me a lot of something my father would say. You gotta wonder where they get this stuff.


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