Posting from the air!

Ok, not really. I just set this to post when my plane takes off 🙂

Grilled Salmon – ok, broiled in my version. Some garlic dill butter with capers sprinkled on top at the very end. So this one took me all of 10 minutes. I added some peas and a crusty roll on which I slathered the leftover seasoned butter. Can’t complain about that effort! Very yummy.

So since I am in the air as you read this, I had to share some thing that I can promise you at this very moment I am laughing about. Whoever is sitting next to me now think I am completely batshit crazy. I blame Dawn. If you don’t read her blog you should, and beyond that, at least take a moment to read what she posted yesterday – a story about airplane anxiety.Go on. I’ll wait here for you to come back either groaning in disgust or laughing……..

And just in case THAT did not give you the heebie jeebies – how about this story? It was featured on Countdown tonight. Oh, an aside – Rachel Maddow has been filling in for the vacationing Keith Olbermann and I love her! Well, I’ve always loved her on the radio, but I really am thrilled she’s had this much tv air time filling in the last two weeks. Bravo Rachel! I hope she gets her own show at some point. She deserves it. Anyhoo – poor Miss Abbie Hawkins – found a um..*bat* her bra! While she was wearing it!! I guess the bat thought it was a lovely place to sleep. She’d hung out to dry on the line overnight you see. Um…..AAAAAAAAACCCKK!!! This will also be front and center in my mind since one of the “attractions” in downtown Austin are the Congress Avenue bridge bats! Most women will be covering their heads to protect their hair. I will think of Miss Hawkins and clutch my chest!!

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  1. I can just imagine what finding THAT particular body part combination would look like. Might give rescuers a good laugh or two. As for airplane anxiety, I also used to think that my anxiety kept the plane aloft. That and my nonstop rosary-praying 😉


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