First, watch this. I dare you not to cry. I’ve seen this a few places already and it is totally cleared by Snopes so I will share this viral video which will tug your heart:

Meanwhile, here is a story closer to home of people who need some help. A family in the Bay area that was already struggling with a new baby who has needed cranial surgeries suffered another setback. The mom’s younger brother who was living with them and helping out fell through some stairs while holding their 3 year old daughter. As he fell, he covered Rory with his own body and took the brunt of the fall. Rory is fine, but her uncle is now paralyzed. Over on Mother Talkers, people who live in the area are organizing assistance for the family and they have found them an attorney. I wish I was closer, but barring that, I figured I could spread the word and share their reebles/paypal account in case you are so inclined to drop them some help.

UPDATE: – Here is an even better telling of their story.

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  1. Whew!! I’m glad that video ended the way it did. It could have been a whole different story. Remember Siegfried and Roy? Wild animals are still wild animals, so you never really know what they’re going to do.


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