Love the USGS site – had that red box up over So Cal about 1 minute after we all felt it. This post is for those of you who don’t twitter. C’mon people – get with the Tweeting! There are posts flying all over twitter land about the shaking and rolling.

Here in the basement building about 90 miles south west of the Chino Hills epicenter we felt a rolling for about 10-20 seconds which is pretty long for an earthquake actually. Nothing else though. No damage and just lots of excitement.

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  1. Completely ignoring technology while I was dancing around decluttering my kitchen (to Brian Wilson and the boys). When I went to do the old fashioned thing and check my email I learned that you were okay — my pal (and Squib’s pal) that runs a quilt shop ( in Garden Grove is okay (except a scared Puppy and bolts of fabric on the floor) and Malibu Mom ( is nowhere near the epicenter (I believe I am about 1200 miles closer than she is at the moment).


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