A birthday in pictures

First, let’s see how long it takes to find the main gift hidden in the box of firelogs. The clue on the note on the fireplace suggested that he count the logs AND there was an arrow pointing in the direction of the box. Because, if you looked IN the fireplace itself, there was nothing there but ash and I didn’t want him to even be tempted to tumble in there! Still, his first look was into the fireplace. Sheesh! So I had to ask him – is there an arrow on the note??


Now he is wondering why he found a Wii controller and nunchuck stuffed behind the Duraflame box. Still no idea where he should be counting logs…so again I suggested he look at what *kind* of box he was reaching all around!

Ah HAH! Wii found! Oh look, and Madden ’08 to go with it! Yay! That last picture was followed by a properly enthusiastic bear hug 🙂

Many hours later – after first day in pads football practice  – oh, wait, check out this picture as it is the ONLY time his gear will have looked this bright and clean:

So after practice and then dinner out with his brother and dad, about 5 hours after the Wii was found, the installation process and playing of one quarter of a game could commence before bed:

Success at the end of a very long, but Happy Birthday for him.

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