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Done laughing? Head is not spinning too much from the hypocrisy is it? OK. Now read this wonderful fact checking article on Sarah Palin’s speech from last night.

I had to delve into politics again because the whole internet world was abuzz with Palin reaction and my brain was literally spilling over with it. Twitters were on fire! One of my dear progressive friends pretty much could have been the source for that article because she was debunking the speech just about sentence by sentence (and cracking me up in the process with her wit). Then a thread was started in our August moms group just as I was ready to shut down for the night. I had Palin on the brain as I went to bed which for me is not really a good thing. I actually woke up with night mares at 4:30am, barely dozed off again after turning my alarm off at 6am and had more bad dreams. Acccck! Perhaps I need to disconnect from the political stuff for a bit eh?

5 thoughts on “Must read and see for the day

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  1. Yeah, you might have to take a break. I know I do.

    My best friend was raving about the Jon Stewart video. I tried watching it on HuffPo but it kept going back to the beginning. Good, late tonight I’ll check it out and get a good laugh.


  2. I just saw this for the first time about five minutes ago on someone else’s blog. Seriously, if Jon Stewart ran for office? I would quit my life to campaign for him. He’s a genius. A hot, hysterical, generous genius.


    I’m so in love.


  3. Darling Jon.

    I don’t blame you for being concerned about Palin. They went nuts over her. She’s the dynamic, attractive, controversial element McCain needed to get back on the radar.

    And based on what I’ve read, she’d be poisonous in the white house.

    I am rather worried.


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