Oh, it was inevitable

Palin Baby Name Generator

I am Tank Dent Palin. Check in with your Palin name in the comments 🙂

11 thoughts on “Oh, it was inevitable

Add yours

  1. Guzzle Red Palin. I’m assuming she means wine.


    LOL! I love yours! Wine indeed! Hah! I’m thinking mine comes from that dent I put in the front fender of a Nissan that I drove throughout the 90s. It was perfectly placed, never fixed, and was actually how I could pick out my car in a parking lot.


  2. Under my maiden name, I’m Taupe Armageddon Palin.
    I hate the color taupe, but I guess my temper gets me Armageddon!

    Under my married name, I’m Barrel McRaven Palin. Is that a reference to my dress size and my hair color? WTF?


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