What’s in the water today?

(Keeping it light because every other place on the internets is yapping about the economy and no matter which side of the political fence you sit on, it’s a pretty depressing situation and a terribly rushed over blown solution currently being presented. So…forget that!)

Under the heading of, yeah, we knew that already – today seems to be Celebrity Coming Out Day. First Clay Aiken and then Lindsay Lohan. One of my friends left me a note on Facebook that she saw a commenter on another site write in reference to Aiken’s announcement: “Even the baby is saying ‘DUH!'” Love it!  While I am always sad that celebrities feel the need to hide that at all, I am always happy to see them come out and be honest.  I want to believe that they will be fine and that the majority of the public will accept them for who they are. But I am a polyanna like that 🙂 Still it was pretty cool how Lohan just casually confirmed that she’s been dating the same woman for awhile as if it is no big deal. Because it really should not be.

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