Best political discussion in a long time

Check out Maggie’s blog for a wonderful discussion going on in the comments. Her husband is a Republican and she is a Democrat and is looking for assistance in communicating with him without too much emotion. Boy do I admire mixed marriages! I am sure that election years like this one are a real challenge. Mostly I am impressed with how nice everyone is being in her comment section and how well they are listing out why they support their candidate.

2 thoughts on “Best political discussion in a long time

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  1. Seriously, aren’t those commenters amazing? I never expected such a polite, civil, thoughtful discourse.

    It gives me hope for our country. When I watch the news, I don’t feel hope. Today, watching those comments roll in, I felt hope.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂


  2. Yeah, it’s hard to have a civil political conversation these days. I suppose that given my husband and I are both strong Democrats, we only feed our collective uncivil discourse. But we’re also deep down kind people, and so the passion we currently feel is directed not at any one person—we both love Republicans in our lives—but rather at the possibliity that we may have another 8 years. We have children, we love the earth, we love fellow human beings. We just want someone who we at least believe shares some of our core values.

    I should have left this on Maggie’s blog…oh well.


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