Boys will be boys

Warning, this story is not for the ultra prudish – IOW, this is totally Jr High humor.

Driving in to work this morning I was listening to the radio with the morning show DJ telling this really moving story that had me a little verklempt.  I’m sitting at a red light deep into this story when I glance over to the right and notice there is a work truck in the lane and that there is a hand written sign on the back of it. I read the sign once, then twice, then the tears in my eyes which were from the moving story turn into tears of laughter. The sign read “Will work for cock.” Oh. My. So as I am visibly laughing I look at the driver to my right (who is directly behind the truck) to see if they are laughing too. And I see two guys in a truck from the exact same company just dying with laughter looking at me laughing at the sign! So I gesture to him with a “Did YOU do that?” and he points to himself to confirm and I gave him the thumbs up as the light turned green and I continued giggling and wiping away tears the whole way in to work. Man, that guy in that front truck is going to me pissed!! But oh, how much fun was that? What a great way to start the morning – for a few of us anyway 🙂

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  1. I found this hysterical. Not sure what that means about me either. But it’s great that it made you laugh. It’s not unlike the prank I read about George Clooney doing something similar to Brad Pitt. And, they’re really adults.


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