Shapes and colors

I recently re-arranged my coffee table so that it is aligned with my over sized leather chair vs the larger sofa. The height ends up being better for the laptop and it opened up floor space for Wii use 🙂 What it also did was give me a different view of the house. And I started to take note again of really cool angles and wall shapes in the house. It’s an early 80s So Cal tract home with the then-typical use of cathedral ceilings to give the feeling of spaciousness. But there are also some really uniquely shaped walls which were completely hidden when every last corner was stark white. I lived in that vast whiteness for a few months before I started painting. My goal was to use color very boldly (hey, it was 2003 and I was your typical Trading Spaces addict!), and to use that color to bring out those fun shapes. Make this boring tract home look funky and different with nothing more than paint. Five years later, I still love looking at the results. So here is part 1 of a collage of wall angles and colors. Thought I would share since many of the newer readers have not seen the fun I had. I’ll come back later with some more traditional photos of my favorite spaces with furniture etc. I don’t consider myself an artist or a photographer or a creative personality at all, but when it came to creating my personal living space, I did tap into something that had certainly been suppressed after 15 years of renting and living in basic neutral tones!

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  1. I love the photos. All those angles! And the colors are wonderful. I might have to steal this idea and post pictures of some of the colors and angles in my house. Like you, I went wild when freed from the neutrals imposed on renters.


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