Please empty the contents of your purse….

This totally for fun topic is stolen from Brandy. If you followed my pre-debate twitters (you know, the ones that were not coming in at a 1 per minute clip!) then you saw my announcement that I bought a purse at the drug store. Yep, that’s how I roll folks! Actually, that is so *opposite* of me because the ONE thing that I have splurged on for myself over the years is really nice purses. But I also have not bought one in almost 3 years. I was at Longs at lunch getting some heartburn meds (oh yeah, keeping with the high class topics here!) when I drifted to the front of the store and saw them. The perfect travel purses! Big, single pocket purses but with enough bling and fun color to keep me interested. Oh, plus little pockets for keys, meds and cell phone. Love that. So anyway, here is my new Drug Store Purse:

And now, the fun part, the contents at this very moment:

Starting from the bottom left corner and up that column are the contents of my zipper inside pocket: Lactaid, Claritin D and caffiene tablets (easier on my stomach in a pinch than coffee or soda + no sugar drop), business card holder, security card for work and key to safe deposit box. Top center is my cosmetic mini purse which holds the lipstick and lip balm below it as well as a bottle of pain meds + the gum pack. Hand lotion, two pens and a paper clip (who knows?), massive check book wallet, beloved blackberry and then car/house key combo. Oh, and the bottle of nail polish next to the lip sticks. Left over from getting my nails done yesterday (I always bring in my own).

What’s missing that one would normally see? Sunglasses – I keep those in my car at all times since that is the place I am most likely to need them. Larger bundle of keys which I keep off the car key on the advice of the gal who does my nails – something about being bad for the ignition? I don’t know but I do know that I prefer carrying just these two and I keep the rest in the car since I mostly use it for the PO box key for the baseball club anyway.

That’s actually a pretty clean purse tonight! At the end of a weekend of sports with the boy it could easily have contained a headband and or scrunchy or two, sunscreen, noise maker, napkins, camera and perhaps even a ball cap stuffed in there. Actually, I can promise you all of the above now that I have that larger bag! Perhaps even am Oprah or San Diego magazine just to pass the time at practice or warm ups 🙂

5 thoughts on “Please empty the contents of your purse….

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  1. OK, Brandy? Yours was not that bad!! And to both of you – remember I started by saying that I just bought a new one, which you know means that you do a little clean up when you transfer things.
    Such as those foot stockings you see at the shoe store – accidentally snagged a pair of those in the early summer shopping for new sandals and I *just* threw them out this weekend. Also threw out some random business cards. And the receipts? In that monster wallet you see.
    I am just *good* at hiding the mess 🙂


  2. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one thinking “dang, that is one organized purse.” Old receipts, mints that escaped from their box, pennies, and festival programs litter my purse. And while there are little pockets for everything, nothing ever ends up where it should be.


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