Obama’s Grandma!

Readers from earlier this year might recall how I had a spike in hits on my site after posting a picture of Barack Obama’s african grandmother on Big Tuesday primary day. It still stands as the most viewed post and gets hits every day. Naturally, with the news of his grandmother in Hawaii being ill and causing him to take a couple of days off tomorrow and Friday to go visit her, the hits have spiked again. Since I know that people are really looking for Mrs Dunham when they search that term this week, I thought I would provide the proper picture and also a link to an article about the Dunhams which I really enjoyed yesterday. And – oh my gosh but with this photo you can see just who Barack looks most like in his family:

I wish Mrs Dunham well and hope that she and her grandson have a wonderful day together.

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  1. Is this a ha-ha?

    I think it’s a ha-ha.

    Hmmm…not intentionally! I just noticed that yesterday when the news broke that Obama was going to Hawaii to spend a day with his ailing grandmother that those searches spiked up again and I thought if people were searching now it was to find Grandma Dunham, not African Grandma so I wanted to provide the proper photo. And also share that picture of his Grandpa because dang but he looks like him!


  2. Wow! When I first looked at that photo, looking for a family resemblance, the first thing I thought was that he has his grandmother’s smile. And then I took another look at his grandfather. Wow! The whole chin thing, and the eyes. Yes, he does look A LOT like his white grandfather … and I still think he got his smile from his white grandmother. Didn’t he get any of his looks from his African family? Oh, yeah …. that there’s that skin color thing some people are still concerned about.

    I’m a little fascinated with this stuff, being a white grandmother of a half black little boy myself. My grandson has GORGEOUS blue eyes! Ya know where he got them from? Not me. He got his blue eyes from his black grandmother! Hmmmm …. maybe he’s not really half, but some other fraction. In any case, my grandbaby is adorable.


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