And the hamster keeps churning away at that wheel

In case you were wondering how things are going (you know you’ve been on pins and needles, c’mon now!), well:

(On a side note maybe this image will counteract all the hits I am still getting for that one Move2008 post when I inserted a cartoon pic of a couch potato? You know that darn post has actually passed the Obama’s Grandma post for most viewed? Craaaazy. Couch potato! Who knew it was such a highly searched item?)

I spend at least one night a week recording football checks. Another night doing baseball club reports/payments. There seems to be at least one night a week meeting for one of the above. Baseball has the silent auction event coming up and football is winding down for the regular season but now playoff start this weekend and our conference is hosting a round in a couple of weeks and then we have a volunteer appreciation party and oh yeah but SportsBoy’s team is the #1 ranked going into this Saturday’s playoffs. It’s so intense with them that coach got nervous about Halloween falling on the Friday night before so what did he do? He arranged a team pizza dn movie viewing party to keep them off the streets and out of trouble! Seriously. No trick or treating this year. Which, I kinda dont mind 🙂 I save money on candy and decorations at my own house and then wont have a tub of the stuff in my cupboard tempting me nightly. So Saturdays are still all about being a good football board member and being at the home field, Sundays are baseball games (this weekend in Temecula, of course, as if we play anywhere else for either sport eh?) and then mad scarmbles to hit the grocery and do laundry. Somehow I do move even though I grew tired of posting about Move2008 😉 The weights are used at least 5 times a week and I pedal for the first 20-30 mins of Countdown 3 nights a week.

Many of my similarly politically obsessed friends have been singing the same refrain: What will we DO when it is all over next week?!! Well, I plan on reading books. Not that I have totally ditched it. I think I actually finished a few books since the summer. No, I did not update Goodreads, I’ve had to drop *some* online things to keep sane. Sportsboy just finished Harry Potter #3 so I am reading it now. My mom is going to give us 4-6 for the holidays and I plan on plowing through them quickly.  American Idol will start up again meaning more tv to watch. I need to update the music on my mp3 player (last done in March!) Oh, and I might just clean my shower. Yeah, that could be a good idea.

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  1. What will I do? I’ll have my phone back! 😉

    And I just did the major mp3 player overhaul before our vacation, so I would have tunes for the whole family. But I am still trying to get caught-up on my podcasts, so that will be where I’ll spend any extra time.


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