See this grin?

OK, no you don’t since I have no pictures of the event. Because I am bad that way. But I promise that even though it is 9pm I am grinning ear to ear. And I have been since about 3pm. Which is around when a pass went up in the air to a certain #55 who caught it on the run, made a sweet move to beat the one man in front of him and then crossed into the end zone for a touchdown. Some parents get to watch their kid do that every weekend. Not us. The previous 3 or 4 times that he’s been open like that, the QB’s pass was off the mark. Not this time! I’m still replaying it in my head. The half ended right after and I took advantage of my board member badge and ran to the field and hugged my boy and then bragged to my other board member friends who were on the sidelines watching the game. “Did you see that? that was MY kid!” Yeah, I was all ridiculous πŸ™‚ And I’m still grinning πŸ™‚ And they won 38-0. And we got ice cream. And we are now playing for the Conference championship for the second year in a row. Oh, and when I went down on the field I did check with the photographer to make sure he got it – and he did. I’m emailing around for that later this week, ya, you betcha (darn that Sarah Palin!)

Oh and his baseball team is in a tournament this weekend, did I mention that? So the three who play football missed the first game which was won 12-0, but then hustled up to Temecula to play the second game which they won 6-1. I missed it since I had to stay at the field but they play tomorrow in the championship round in the afternoon so I’ll head up for that after a grocery run. Never wonder why I need a weekend to recover from my weekends.

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